Maximum Reger

Schaffen und Dokumentation – Max Reger: The Last Giant

“Maximum Reger – zahlreiche sehr persönlichen Berichte und vor allem aus über 700 Minuten seiner Musik …” mehr in unserem Interview mit unserem Netzwerk-Mitglied Frauke May

April 2018: Maximum Reger gewinnt den BBC Music Magazine Award 2018

Frauke May (Mezzosopran), Julius Berger (Violoncello), Markus Becker, Rudolf Meister (Klavier), Graham Barber, Bernard Haas (Orgel) und viele mehr; Aris Quartett; WDR Funkhausorchester/ Wayne Marshall

Reviewed August 2017

Max Reger is one of the most unjustly neglected composers in music history. That’s the contention of producer Will Fraser, of Fugue State Films, whose mighty six-DVD set devoted to the German more than meets his ambition to correct that wrong.

In an era when fewer and fewer classical music documentaries are being made, Maximum Reger pulls out all the stops. Everything about the project is impressive, its scale and scope a suitable match for this gargantuan late-Romantic composer.

Maximum Reger is, said our critic Erik Levi, ‘a hugely rewarding achievement that should persuade us all to revisit our preconceptions of Max Reger’s place in music history.’